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Government equity financing is a way to avoid the pitfalls that can arise from using venture capitalists, angel investors, and other private investment options that require transferring partial ownership or shares over to a third party in exchange for an infusion of money into your business.

Equity financing is a form of financial assistance that involves transferring shares in a small business to the government in exchange for them providing your company with financial assistance. Alternatively, you may be required to pay royalties on your profits.

Typically, government equity financing is offered with very favourable terms because the government is not interested in your business stumbling or failing by rushing into things and making a mistake, as may a private investor who is only seeking a quick, short term return on their investment. Most often, the government only retains the shares for a limited time, or allows the entrepreneur to buy the shares back or buy out the royalty agreement.

Not all government equity financing programmes are identical, so be certain you are pursuing the right scheme for your situation. (Some of these programmes may not accommodate entrepreneurs starting a business, for example.)

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