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Small business owners frequently complain that commercial lenders, such as banks, view them as too great a risk to provide loans to. Contrariwise, government funding sources realise the economy is rooted in small business, meaning there are both indirect and direct benefits to provide entrepreneurs with financial assistance. This makes the government far more willing to loans funds to small business owners, or to work with banks towards the same end.

Government business loans come in various forms, including differing interest rates, repayment terms and schedules, and amounts offered. In most cases, government loan programmes limit how much government money they may provide to a maximum cap that can be an actual amount or a percentage of a specific objective's overall cost. The government may also guarantee a loan, acting on the business' behalf with the bank with regards to providing security against the funds.

Whether the government is offering the funding on its own, directly, or working in cooperation with a bank by acting as the programme's guarantor, government business loans are by far the most common form of government funding available. The reason for their superior numbers is quite simple: loans are less risky from the government's perspective because the funds are to be repaid.

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