UK based small businesses usually fall into one of thirteen specific Industries, there are different government funding programs available for all thirteen industries. The amount of funding offered to each industry depends on many factors including the state of the economy, seasonal changes, import/export practices and much more. However, the businesses that receive government funding are always decided upon on a case by case basis. Although a certain industry may be booming in the UK, it does not necessarily mean that simply being a new business in that industry is enough for you to be eligible to receive government financing.

UK Small Business Industries

The UK Government is focused on economic growth and job creation. Because of these goals, the government tends to distribute funding accordingly, focusing on the small businesses that are most likely to improve the economic situation in the UK. Overall, every industry has both advantages and disadvantages. It goes without saying that the industry that a small business is in, is not the deciding factor of that businesses success.

A business in any industry has the potential to be successful. Thus far, there are hundreds of recipients of government funding that have actively reported their funding successes in the UK. This means that in reality the overall number of recipients is much larger. These recipients come from different industries ranging from mining and construction to retail and healthcare. This means that every small business has the potential to succeed and the opportunity to receive the government funding they need.

Your chances of obtaining government funding increases according to the number of programs you apply for regardless of the industry you are in. Give one of our agents a call at 0800 856 1570, or use our Grant Finder Tool to see which industry specific government programs you may be eligible for.

How much funding can you get in your industry?