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Perhaps the most notable characteristic of grants, and one-time and renewable subsidies is that the funds they provide does not need to be repaid. As expected, this makes these government funding programmes the most sought after form of business financial assistance in the UK. Treated as an investment, the government offers these grants to small businesses they believe have the ability to more than return the funding into the economy once they benefit from the financing.

The nature of many government grants is necessarily broad and general, but there are other grant schemes that are incredibly specific (and thus far more restricted.) There may be, for instance, government grants and subsidies available to help entrepreneurs looking to make their businesses more environmentally sound or to develop technologies of a similar nature.

National, regional, and even local government bodies provide business grants and subsidies to address specific agendas that are having an impact on the UK's economy, such as not enough talented students being able to find jobs in their field upon graduation, slowing access to important international markets, or concerns about the need to find and utilise more reliable alternative energy sources.

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