Northern Ireland Government Funding Programmes

Government Funding Snapshot

Grants: 45
Funding Potential:£1,000 - £10,000,000
Success Average:£129,936


Northern Ireland has traditionally been known for its successes in the industrial realm; however this has shifted in recent years towards the manufacturing industry. Regardless of what industry your small business is in there are many government business resources available to entrepreneurs just like you. These government resources come in three forms: loans, grants and non-financial assistance. Currently there are 45 grant programmes, 21 loan programmes and several assistance programmes. Assistance programmes range from; free seminars, free expert consultation services, mentorship programmes and much more.

Entrepreneurs located in North Ireland have received anywhere from £1,000 to £10,000,000 pounds in government funding.

If you are an entrepreneur seeking funding for your small business but simply don't have the time to look through endless resources to find which government programmes you may qualify for, simply try our Funding Finder to quickly and easily see which programmes you may be eligible for and how much funding you can potentially receive.

Success Stories

For a listing of the North Ireland based entrepreneurs who have received government funding in the past, take a look at the current list of successful funding recipients on our website.

These entrepreneurs received, on average of, £129,936 in government grant or loan money, or were approved for help from non-finance based government support programme.

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