UK Government Funding For Small Businesses

There are almost 5 million businesses currently operating in the UK, it is estimated that almost all of these businesses are SME's or Small and Medium sized Enterprises. These SME's were responsible for employing approximately 14.5 million people in 2013, while contributing almost half of the UK's overall GDP.

Currently, there are many government funding programs available to assist UK small businesses. These programs come from all three levels of Government, including; Central, Regional and Local.

Central Government funding programs are available to all eligible UK entrepreneurs. Eligibility for these programs is dependent upon many factors, which vary from program to program. It is important to note that Central Government funding programs are usually the most competitive, simply due to the fact that applicants are not restricted by location, therefore these programs are usually harder to attain and are given out on longer more spread-out timelines often leading to longer wait periods when it comes to receiving funding.

Regional Government funding programs on the other hand, are allocated to small businesses within a specific region in the UK. This means less competition since you are only competing for funding with other businesses located in your region.

Local Government funding is often the most specialized, only eligible business owners within a specific location are able to apply for these funding programs. Although there are usually less local funding programs available, there is also much less competition for these programs since they are so location specific.

If you are an entrepreneur seeking business funding in the UK it is important to note that you are potentially eligible to receive government funding from all three levels of government. The more government funding programs you apply for the higher your chances of receiving funding. To find out exactly which government programs your small business may be eligible for, simply try our Funding Finder Tool, or speak to an agent directly at 0800 856 1570 toll free.

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