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Government funding schemes that directly provide government funds, such as business grants and loans, may be the most common form of government business funding known, but there are other options. Businesses of all sizes may be eligible for national, regional, or even local tax benefits, such as credits, refunds, and exemptions, depending upon a number of qualifying factors. Although these programmes do not provide additional financial assistance, they do allow entrepreneurs to retain more of their cash.

The UK government is aware of how important innovations in energy production are, for example, so may reward technology development in this area via government programmes that offer tax credits or refunds to qualifying scientific endeavours or technology being researched and developed in this field.

An approved credit, refund, or exemption is accounted for upon filing the business' taxes. The benefits of doing so may affect only some of the relevant taxes, or all of them, depending upon the level of government and programme in question. In some instances, these tax benefits are able to carry over across two or more years.

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